Short Stories.

Quisling – Operation Achilles was a military campaign carried out by the Alpha Clan to destroy their rivals in the Zeta Clan. On the eve of the operation a Zeta warlord, Alexander Bryant, fearfully leads his son through the night to avoid the inevitable fate of his clan.

Warriors of the North – For her entire life Khulan has been raised on the stories of her ancestors: noble warriors who fought and died for their Clan. But what’s their eager descendant to do when there are no more wars to be won?

Smells Like Fish Spirit – Corporate espionage, foiling terrorist plots, and gun-running are all in an average day for freelancer Marion Rhodes. But she and her crew aren’t ready for what nature has in store for them on this job.

Family Affair – The pay seemed good, the job seemed simple: infiltrate a terrorist camp and hack their communications. But Marion Rhodes is about to find out that life is never simple where mega-corporations and power armor is concerned.

Short Films.

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A immigrant to the Northern Reach hires a rowdy gunslinger to protect him from an insidious local. 16 minutes
A soldier’s widow desperately searches for her husband’s body and is forced to solicit help from a Dragoon to find him. 25 minutes
A Dragoon is hired by a corporation to track down a deadly, yet mysterious adversary. 27 minutes
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