One thought on “Catfish Dinner

  1. Well, I just came from another YouTube page (Downward) where I commented and promised I’d be looking for more of your content and I’ll be damned if I didn’t find it even though this whole Internet universe is not the easiest for me to navigate being as how for the bulk of my life telephones were isolated to your kitchen wall and cameras only took photographs and air was something you breathed but couldn’t see and bowling-alleys still had human-beings resetting the pins.
    Despite all that, here I am and with another comment: Catfish Dinner taught me that in this world of yours, trust is for amateurs or for one whose time has come (to pay the piper). Funny how you completely subverted the idea of the hapless, smooth-faced youth, the “victim” who is caught in a difficult situation and needs help and left us, in the end, realizing that we’d been duped by a psycho, sure, a cute psycho but no less deadly…great short film, I’m lovin’ all this stuff!

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