Been a long time coming…

Seems a thousand years ago that we started working on Dawnward. Taking the form of short stories, artwork, homebrewed board games, and short films. Throughout this time the story and world has grown with new factions, characters, and stories, but all of it was insular. Like a really great joke only told within a group of friends. Well, we’ve reached the point that we realized we needed to share this world with everyone.

This site marks a true venture to bring the world of Dawnward to…well…the world. Take a moment to poke around as we add more content. Also stay tuned for the upcoming novellas, starting with Stormcrows, which sees Dragoons working with a corporate exploration team to investigate a forgotten mountain laboratory. Available at major online retailers.

Keep an eye out as we have some exciting things in store! Oh, and thanks for stopping by!

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